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August 8, 2003


Dear Mr. Miller:

I would like to commend you on the Well Control school in which our personnel participated this week. We had people from a level of no experience to personnel with 30 years of hands-on experience in the oil patch included in the group, with both engineering and operational backgrounds. You arranged these sessions of school to meet our particular scheduling needs so we were more productive in our jobs while also receiving our training. Each person came away form the school having experienced learning at their own level of experience and knowledge. Our requirements included both Surface and Subsea BOP Stacks.

The school met the training objectives that we need to better do our jobs as well as those that are mandated by accreditation associations, and did so in a friendly learning environment. The experience brought to the classroom by Mr. Roark and yourself added interest and applicational highlights to the sessions. The text is a valuable reference and simulators were the same as I have used at other facilities. The fact you have this training available to your own personnel with the ability to model a situation that might arise on one of our wells makes the value of the consultants we use through DMIC even more attractive.

My thanks to you and Rob Roark for the work and training invested in our people this week.


Wayne K. Taylor

Vice President

Engineering and Operations

Zinke & Trumbo, Inc.





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