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Global Well Control, Inc started in January 2001 teaching MMS well control. In February, 2004, our instructors began using a format in compliance with IADC requirements. Global currently has 5 accredited IADC instructors. Our training uses well control industry standards and IADC guidelines. Global Well Control is equipped to meet your BOP, H2S Safety Awareness, SafeLand USA and CPR/First Aid training needs.

Our school is backed by over 45 years of hands-on operation that started in worms corner and moved through the ranks to Driller, Toolpusher, and Drilling and Completion Foreman. For over 30 years we have operated as a petroleum consulting firm operating in the U.S., offshore U.S. and internationally. We couple our experience with engineering to develop teamwork in well control situations. You will be trained to handle well control situations, H2S gas, and rig safety. This training will enable you to look deeper into your situation and allow you to make key decisions to help eliminate crisis situations. We welcome you to participate in our training seminars with ideas of your own. Our training gives you the experience of handling textbook problems. Field situations may differ and may alter the way you handle your well control situation. Your training and response time is critical to any operation. Certification by Global Well Control, Inc. is valid for two years.

Your success in your next well control situation depends on you and on your crew’s training and practice. Train the crews you work with and practice well control until it becomes natural to each crew member.






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