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Blow Out Prevention Training—Classroom starts at $695 per student (call for schedule & pricing)
                  Online--$995                     CBT (use our laptop)--$995 + $2400 refundable deposit
This Blow Out Prevention training is an IADC accredited, twenty-hour course that identifies fundamental well control concepts for constant bottom hole pressure methods.  It emphasizes fundamental job skills other than those related to rig specific equipment, maintenance and safety training.  This surface training targets rig crews and specifies performance criteria that encompasses sufficient understanding of preventative well control measures recognizing well control events, measurement of current well parameters, as well as the proper response to observations and measurements.  Upon successful completion of this class, students will be issued a Supervisory Level, Surface Stack, Drilling WellCAP® certification, along with an H2S Safety certification.
SubSea Certification (cost of Surface + $100)  (classroom only)
SubSea is an 8-hour addendum to the Surface Drilling course that identifies fundamental well control concepts for the constant bottom hole pressure methods.  It emphasizes fundamental job skills other than those related to rig equipment, maintenance, and safety training.  SubSea specifies performance criteria that circumscribing to an understanding of preventative well control measures, recognition of well control events, as well as measurement of current well parameters and proper response to observations and measurements in offshore situations.
RigPass Certification (cost of Surface + $100)
RigPass is a one-day course that helps to identify good hiring practices and development of the best qualifying employees.  It emphasizes high standards and ethics, teamwork, safe work practices, environmental stewardship, strong customer relationships, open communication and technical competence.
BOP Core Curriculum Includes:
1.  Reduced fracture gradients    
2.  Riser collapse
3.  Mud density
4.  Mud viscosity
5.  Drilled cuttings
6.  Abnormal pressure detection
7.  Environmental effects
8.  Kick warning signs
9.  Kick prevention & detection
10.  Shut-in procedure
11.  Hang-off guidelines
12.  Choke line friction pressure
13.  Various methods for circulating out a kick
14.  Hands-on problem solving, including state-of-the art simulation equipment SafeLand USA Certification--$275 per student  (classroom only)
SafeLand USA/SafeGulf certification is an 8-9 hour course that provides a basic understanding at an awareness level of certain general safety information that an employee should know before entering a company facility and while performing their assigned work duties.
Well Control Awareness Program (WCAP)—Classroom starts at $300 per student (call for scheduling & pricing)

WCAP is an IADC accredited introductory level to well control training, including drilling and workover/completion operations.  This eight-hour course will train you to be aware of what well control consist of.  It will include approved well control procedures, along with the language and terminology used in well control techniques.  You will get acquainted with the proper equipment that is used to close the well in and, then successfully, circulate the gas/oil from the well bore.  Students are given a basic understanding of workover/completion operations and equipment.







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